Can we separate our bodies from ourselves?

Can we separate our bodies from ourselves?

I can give or sell a book or a plate of food, but I cannot dispose of my body in the same way. It’s true that I can ‘sell my body’ in the traditional manner, but then I am commodifying my body and therefore myself, as I cannot give my body without going with it.

This seems obvious but it has many implications.

A singer’s body is their instrument, and a singer’s sense of self is so intricately entwined in this instrument-body that learning singing ‘objectively’ and ‘scientifically’ has limited value. Of course all information has some utility. But we are an information driven culture, Information is Fact, and we confuse Fact with Truth. We are in thrall to the men in white jackets. What if we turn this on its head?

Let us study our voices with the tools of subjectivity!

How do I communicate? How do I feel anger, tenderness, humour, rage? How does my body express myself?

This study when refined and observed becomes true technique.

‘Technique’ divorced from this study is inadequate.

Dean Hearne

Dean Hearne, United Kingdom