Swings & Roundabouts

Swings and roundabouts

We swing into action.

This describes a psychological state and directly a physical state too, a perfect phrase to consider when developing breath exercises that connect emotional responses to instrumental understanding (technique).

However as adults we often simply swing with (principally) our arms. If we realize the connection between the release of weight and subsequent push off from our feet, to our outstretched (swung) hand, we begin to experience a swing fully, and the use of our breath becomes a much bigger experience. If we encounter resistance in that swing, (for example in water or very strongly in the impanct of a tennis ball) and we are fully engaged with our body and not just our arms/shoulders, we engage strong support muscles that enable big singing.

However the swing can be looked at as a gentler action that encourages weight release and shift. The swing can be taken forwards- and backwards, which are two vital experiences of breath, the breath we keep, the breath we send – Barefoot exercises explore this in multiple directions and velocities.