L'Incoronazione di Poppea



(sung in Italian)

Mixed level production for increasing integration of acting with singing in two modules of 5 days each.

DATES: August 3-7/November 7-11 inclusive.

VENUE: 6, The Uplands, St Leonard’s–on-Sea, East Sussex TN38OHL

Performance: Saturday 11 Nov 2017 Hastings, East Sussex

We will prepare the piece using trademark Barefoot exercises to hone our skills both as individuals and as part of an integrated ensemble. Using the whole of our performance space for the drama (no proscenium arch), we will create a completely experiential piece in which every character will eat, breathe and sleep his/her story throughout the evening – continuing individual stories within the frame work of the main drama.

The Opera

Monteverdi’s timeless masterpiece L’Incoronazione di Poppea explores sexual politics, political intrigue, and personal destiny. Twelve personalities weave through each others’ lives in a flow of interlocking stories: Poppea, using sex to gain power, Nero, abusing power to enjoy sex, Seneca carrying his search for meaning in life to his death, while the gods interact with mortals on an equal basis.

The Cast

There are twelve solo roles - some of which are duplicated - all singers will also be part of the interactive ensemble. There are roles for every voice type and some roles will be doubled: La Fortuna, La Virtu, Ottavia, Drusilla, Nerone, Amore, Valletto, Pallade, Damigella, Venere, Ottone, Arnalta, Soldato Pretoriano 11,1 Familiari 1 and 11, Lucano, Liberto, Console, Littore, Mercurio.

Creative Team

The production will be directed by Jenny Miller with Jill Cole (Assistant Director).

Our team of tutors offering individual and group work will include Penelope Randall-Davis, Musical Director Lesley-Anne Sammons, one or more of the Barefoot team of opera specialist coaches and Evelyn Freebury, Movement Specialist.

Musical accompaniment for the performances will be provided by a small professional ensemble led by Lesley-Anne Sammons.


Audition/interviews for role allocation and for assessing how to maximize your participation from 12:00 PM on Sunday 22nd January 2017 at Barefoot Studio, Brockley, London, SE4 2NF. For further enquiries please contact barefoot.opera@gmail.com.


£750 includes: full lunch, supper and refreshments for both modules, individual tuition, solo masterclasses, vocal technique sessions, intensive movement work.

Bursaries are available in case of individual need – please enquire.


There is a wide selection of local B&B's. in St. Leonard’s. Help with finding local subsidised accommodation for approx. £20 per night is offered. There are also ‘bursary’ accommodations from local supporters of Barefoot Opera.