A new composition by Peter Foggitt, re-imagining Handel’s Alcina, incorporating contemporary material on displacement and exile. A workshop performance of this piece was presented at the Arcola Grimeborn Festival 2011 and at Nunhead Cemetary in 2012.

In commissioning this new composition, we aim to directly link the formal elements of the piece with its subject. The story of Ruggiero’s journey to and from Alcina’s magic island is reflected in the musical journey that we are undertaking through the re-imagined composition, searching for new ways that this opera can be configured.

Funded by Arts Council England and in partnership with The Seaview Project and the Salvation Army, we have just completed an exciting period of research and development on this new composition.
Alcina is a sorceress ruling an enchanted island where displaced souls are imprisoned; her lover destroys her regime and frees her prisoners. This story of entrapment and exile makes this new composition, Alcina’s Island, pertinent to UK communities today.
In addition to developing this new composition with a number of performers, we continue to conduct collaborative research on Alcina’s Island with clients from The Seaview Project in Hastings and The Salvation Army hostel, “Ty Gobaith”, in Cardiff.

Alcina’s Island collaborators: