Our new production of Pergolesi’s comedic gem of an opera, La Serva Padrona, can be performed virtually anywhere and anyhow, as a stand-alone show or a site-specific experiential dining and opera event.

So far it has been performed in a private villa, an historic London church, a small theatre, and even intermingled with a three course dinner. We’ve also combined its electric charm with an exhilarating intro - 40 minutes of Mozart arias and duets.

A show that is high on performance values, entertainment, accessibility and innovation, our production of La Serva Padrona appeals to those familiar with the wonders of opera, as well as the opera uninitiated.

‘Uplifting', 'beautiful', 'elegant', 'fabulous!' (Audience feedback, October 2016)

Premiered in 1733, Pergolesi's La Serva Padrona is a major event in the history of opera. Due to the light heartedness of the plot and the ordinariness of the characters – not to say their coarseness – La Serva Padrona became a model for comic operatic style that directly influenced Mozart and on to the development of opera buffa. La Serva Padrona is a masterpiece, all the more so with Barefoot Opera’s scintillating Chiara Vinci and Oscar Castellino in the roles of Serpina and Uberto. These gifted young artists are coming to us straight from main roles with Welsh National Opera, alongside brilliant Rambert trained Michael Spenceley who features as the down-trodden servant Vespone. They are accompanied by Barefoot Opera’s team players, the gifted Nicola Rose, National Opera Studio alumnus and Welsh National Opera coach, and Dr. Lucy Mulgan, double bass.

Barefoot Opera’s strong concern with physical theatre and movement values makes this opera a perfect opportunity to explore physicality in characterization. Two of our three players are Rambert trained, (Chiara Vinci is in the unusual position of being a fully trained dancer and classical singer) and Oscar Castellino has a charisma and performing vitality that affords him ready access to Barefoot Opera production values.


Dinner with Figaro is Barefoot Opera’s unique opera and dining experience: an entertaining programme of Mozart duets and a fully staged production of La Serva Padrona, combined with dinner.

Whether yours is an informal supper at a festival, or a formal dinner in a historic home, this production can be staged and adapted to suit the venue and atmosphere…some of Mozart’s greatest duets can be enacted throughout your event space as the audience enjoy canapés, a main course enjoyed during the interval, followed by the performance of La Serva Padrona.

We would be dlighted to discuss how we could bring this event to your festival or venue. Please email barefoot.opera@gmail.com.